VELO Berry Frost without tobacco

To produce Velo snus without tobacco nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant and filled into cellulose pouches in the form of salt or liquid. Nicotine Pouches are visually different from other snus products, in addition to the ingredients, because the contents and the pouches themselves are white. Due to the white color, they are also often titled as All White Snus. The pouch and pouch contents are dry and therefore do not run during use.


Quit Smoking Success Rates in the UK

The proportion of smokers in England has been falling for many years - while 19.8% of the population were smokers in 2011, this number had fallen to 13.9% by 2019. This trend is expected to continue downwards to 2.5% by 2050, according to the government.

But which of England's local authorities are having the most success with getting people to quit? Thanks to data from the NHS, we've been able to create an interactive map showcasing this.

The top performing authorities, based on the percentage of successful quitters are Rotherham, Barnsley and Warrington. But what is it that gears these local authorities up for success? At killapods, we have broken it down. 



The local authorities in Rotherham have created several initiatives to help smokers quit including “Get Healthy Rotherham”. This initiative gives smokers who wish to quit specialist support and weekly checkins from a Get Healthy Coach for up to three months as well as free access to the stop smoking aids they may need. 


In Barnsley, the percentage of successful quitters is over 70%. This could be in part thanks to Yorkshire Smokefree: a service run by the NHS that has many clinics in the Barnsley area as well as a freephone support line. 


Local authorities in Warrington have established their smokefree service with LiveWire - who offer support via social media and 1-to-1 appointments (and you can even do self-referral). 


Why are these local authorities so successful at getting people to quit?

There are several possible contributing factors, but the fact that each of these local authorities is offering support in multiple locations and in many forms across the area is likely to be one of the biggest factors. These authorities have also invested heavily in quit smoking resources, with both Rotherham and Warrington investing over £250,000 into their local initiatives.